Proper Food Combining Testimonials

Are you kidding me? How can I be eating twice as much food and yet be losing pounds and inches every day? In fact, I'm losing 1 pound every 3 days. This can't be true, but it is!!!
Thank you soooooo much, Lee.
S. Moore, Az
Bless You! On Proper Food Combining I have lost 25 pounds in two months without losing any muscle tone. You are so right, your herbs and the Pro-Biotics are fabulous! I want to order a few more of your products.
M. Peterson, Michigan
Dear Lee: Thanks a million for getting rid of our indigestion. Only two days of following your Proper Food Combining chart, we feel better and have more energy. If this keeps up, I'll be ordering books for all of my relatives, we all have big bellies and burp constantly.
The Johnson Family, Missouri
Lee, your great depth of knowledge about the digestive tract has certainly been a tremendous asset to my medical practice. I don't have time to discuss diet and food with my patients, so I have them watch your great video while they are in the waiting room (I eliminated the tv and put in the constant playing video) and then I hand them a book as they leave my office. It saves me so much time and frustration. They won't listen to me, but they sure like your advice. And what they like most is that it works!
Thanks again. I'm seeing 'much less' of many of my obese patients!
Dr. King, Florida
No more gas, no more bloat, no more mood swings, Proper Food Combining must be a miracle from God!!!!
I thank Him for Lee DuBelle as his messenger.
J. Cline, Oregon
Lee, for all the 28 years I've been your customer, I've had better health. Today I wanted to thank you for your incredible integrity. Doing business with you and your company is just like your products and services - it all gets better and better every year. You're like family.
Dr L. Duncan, California
Lee when I first used your Proper Food Combining program, I lost 10 pounds the first 10 days. Then it slowed down and the next 10 pounds came off in 20 days, and now each month I lose 10 pounds. I have lost over 80 pounds and have 10 to go, but what amazes me is that the skin toning works just like you say. You lose weight, then the pounds loss stops while the skin catches up. Then the pounds start dropping again. My skin tone is as tight as it was before I lost any weight. My body loves this program - I am getting a much better selection of food and many aches and pains are gone along with that ugly fat.
image of woman in pants that are now too large. Lee - here are my before and after pictures of my daughter and I. I went from 222 pounds to 145 pounds from July 2002 until March 2003. My 8 year old daughter has lost 15 pounds just by Proper Food Combining morning and evening meal for a few weeks. I can wear shorts and dresses again in public - first time in 7 years! Have very little cellulite left! No more acid reflux! No more anxiety attacks! No more diet pills to speed up my heart!
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
B Crawford, California

Proper Food Combining Testimonials

Hi Lee: I have lost almost 100 pounds, on your wonderful diet and products. I recently had blood work and skin analysis. My doctor said my blood was the best she had ever seen in my tests. Also, my skin is so tight that she never would have guessed that I had lost 100 pounds. I feel wonderful and my energy is sky high. My urine/saliva test showed that all I need to add is minerals, so I'm ordering them now. Thank you for your wonderful Leef Life Powder, Trim #1 and Pro-Biotics.
D. Hanson, Idaho
Lee: I’m a beautician and suffered with psoriasis and skin problems for 30 years. Thanks to Herbal Trim & your superior Pro-Biotics, my skin is beautiful, my appetite has normalized, I no long have yeast infection, constipation, or bloat. And I no longer pass foul smelling gas around my customers. My customers want your products too!
F. King, California
Lee: I never realized how much your Herbal Trim and Pro-Biotics helped me until I quit taking them. They are so subtle in their effectiveness that I sort of got lost thinking I didn't need them anymore. Gradually, my energy decreased, bowels don't move as well, and pounds are creeping on. And worst of all cellulite is returning. Help!
S. Arnow, Arizona
Lee: Your minerals are IT for me. What a blessing! My leg cramps are gone, my energy is back, my nervousness is gone; - and how simple – take a mouthful, hold 60 seconds, swish and swallow. Don’t even have to digest them. What a life!
E. Robinson, Ca

P.S. I have also added your Herbal Trim and Pro=Biotics to my program. I’ve started sleeping very well, I no longer have gas or bloat after each meal like I used to. No water retention half of the month, depression gone, and I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months. Hope I never have to be without your products. Thanks for having quality products to match your quality diet!
E.R. California
Lee: Your Leef Life powder has saved my marriage. My blood sugar was always either too high or too low. I had mood swings to end all mood swings. I was constantly hungry - even in the middle of the night. Now I fix my Leef Life drink 3 times a day with my Trim/Pro duo and I’m a happy camper – and so is my family.
M. Munro, California
Lee: I suffered from yeast infections so bad that I went into a coma. When the doctors could not do anything to help, they sent me home to die. Thanks to your total great program of Proper Food Combining, and products THAT WORK. I am a survivor for over 25 years now. Life is good.
S.O., Arizona
Lee: I came within hours of having my beloved dog put to sleep. I would have wanted to die without her. Then you took her and nursed her with your food regimen and nutrients and now 2 months later she is having 4 to 5 bowel movements on her own, and no more signs of crippling arthritis. She doesn't cry in pain anymore, She is running, jumping, wanting to play, and eating me out of the house and home. She LOVES the special formula you fixed for her. Oh, also, she passed a large very yellow tumor the 5th day on your program. Thank you very, very much.
N.H. Arizona

DuBelleSkin Care Testimonails

If someone would have told me that I would ever change skin care products, I would have said "You are nuts!" But, after trying DuBelleSkin products, there is no doubt - they are superior! Since some dental work years ago, I have had gum tissue that hurt every time I brushed my teeth. The first time using your toothpaste, there was no pain. I said, "No! It's a fluke!" My next brushing was with former toothpaste (from the Health Food Store, by the way!), and it hurt shooting pains again. Next brushing with DuBelleSkin - no pain! Next brushing former toothpaste - more pain! For 2 weeks I did this same practice as I simply could not believe it would make a difference. After FINALLY becoming a believer, I have tried most of the other DuBelleSkin care products. I could actually give just as good a testimony off of each one of them also, but this is too long already. Thank you Lee - I hope you become the largest skin care company in the world!!!
Eve, Az.
I really believe you have hit the nail on the head! I think we are being poisoned every day from products on our skin that contain toxic chemicals. Not only that….I was using a product that had an ingredient (chemical source) in it to help reduce wrinkles. I started having hot flashes. When I told my aunt that I was having terrible hot flashes she asked me if I happened to be using a product with that ingredient in it. After checking my jar, it was there. Your Wrinkle Crème has the same ingredient but from plant source. I'm using your product daily, and NO HOT FLASHES. I'm sure you are 20 years ahead of your time like you were with Proper Food Combining.
R.A. California
I was cruising the Web when I found a whole site about "toners" and how important they are. I decided to try yours - what a difference! My skin just glows! My husband is also using it as an aftershave because the "men" products all burn his face so bad he breaks out in sore spots. Not so with DuBelleSkin Toner - he loves it!
D. Steids, Illinois
When you suggested that I start using DuBelleSkin Hair Shampoo for my baby's bubble bath, I thought, "Oh, well, if it doesn't work, I can use it for shampoo!" Well, I want to tell you, since I made the change, my baby no longer has diaper rash and I no longer have to worry if she gets the bubbles in her mouth. I threw out all of her old products and she is strictly a DuBelleSkin girl now - and it SHOWS!!!! You are a real blessing. I use the Toner to wipe her bottom with each diaper change also - she LOVES IT! Thank you very much for caring for my most precious possession.
M. Hubel, Iowa
I was on vacation recently and when the weather turned cold, I wanted a hot bath. No bath oil or bubble bath with me! All I had was my DuBelleSkin Facial Wash, Toner, and Moisture Crème. I poured some Facial Wash in the tub. Wow! Had a wonderful, soothing, relaxing bath and slept like a baby. Your rich products can be used FOR ANYTHING!!! I love them all….
Mrs. E. Hnery, Oregon

Mommy's Pau D' Arco

I have a client who had a terrible cancer on his ear. It had progressed to the "clover leaf stage," and was very visible. I gave him a jar of your Mommy's PDA Salve. He came back in two weeks and his ear was bright red and hot. He and his wife were upset, thinking the ear was worse. I assured him, I thought it was a healing process. He then purchased the Mommy's Tea and started drinking a quart a day. A hole opened up in his inner ear area, and a liquid started draining out. His ear has totally healed up now and he continues to use the tea and salve. You are right, Lee…if you give the body what it needs and stop interfering - the body does the healing! Products don't heal, but the body can if we supply what God made for it.
T.H. Oklahoma
I had so many brown spots on my hands, you could hardly see any normal skin. I started using the salve for a "sore" problem, and then noticed that hand did not have as many spots as my other hand. I'm using on both hands now and the spots are gradually leaving. I'm drinking the tea now in hopes it helps my liver enough to keep the brown spots from developing. The sore is gone too!
Thanks! R.S. Arizona
Lee – your salve has saved my marriage. I had such terrible callous on my feet – very thick and ‘scratchy’. (I later learned from you that yeast infection was also involved) My husband continuously brought me products that were supposed to eliminate all the tough skin, and the yeast. They didn’t! Edward hated touching my bare feet and didn’t like the looks of them either. Yeast infection around my toenails, made them very ugly and even nail polish didn’t help. Then your wonderful staff told me about the Mommy’s salve, and HOW TO USE IT. Just before going to bed at night, I soaked my feet in warm water with some salve melted in the water. I started scraping away at the callous, and use pumice stone too. The thick yeast infection could be seen in the water. I air dried my feet and then coated them with a generous supply of the salve. I massaged the salve in as much as I could and then covered my feet with white socks all night. In the morning it was like a miracle. My feet looked a size smaller. My feet were soft and beautiful. I continued the treatment every night for a week just to make sure how good they could get. I continue to use this treatment, and have never had the ugly callous. My toenails are back to normal, and I have no yeast infection on my feet. My husband thanks you, and I thank you. Oh, he’s using the salve also! "Footsies is a great game in our house".
R.E.S. Mass.
With 11 children, you can imagine how many scrapes, cuts, and health problems develop. I have used your Mommy's salve for sunburn, acne, cuts, bruises, dandruff, nail fungus, infected cuts, psoriasis, bites, stings, diaper rash, and who knows what else. All of that in one little jar that seems to last forever. I don't usually write, but this just had to be told. I'm looking forward to your new 2003 products.
M. Brown Colorado