Pau D'Arco


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Lee DuBelle’s Citrus Aire

100% pure essential oils plus Pau d’Arco

Use in sick rooms to disinfect the air without chemicals. A few drops may also be added to humidifiers to help respiration during colds and flu and in bath rooms to disinfect the air. People tell us they have also used it to sanitize air in motel rooms, to clear musty smells in basements and RV’s, as well as in kennels and stables. Hospice workers have commented that the spiritual atmosphere of the home and sick room seems lifted when this product is used and both patient and family members rest better. The first scent will be of eucalyptus and once it dissipates the light, clear scent of the citrus combination remains. Not "perfumy" – just pure and clean.

2 fl oz
Mommy's PDA Salve
Contains: Olive Oil, Bees Wax,Tabula Impetiginosa (PauDArco innerbark).
No fillers, expanders, or toxic chemicals added.
2 oz glass jar
Mommy’s Deep Heat Oil
For topical use – great for all ages! Usage: 10 to 30 drops into the skin. Best if gently rubbed for 30 minutes. Use to relieve pain, inflammation & stiffness in joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Deep heating action and penetrating essential oils bring relief. May be used as a chest rub during colds – inhaling opens congested areas & also helps relaxation.
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