Lee Dubelle Products. Healing you from the inside out.
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Lee DuBelle Products. Healing you from the inside out.

Proper Food Combining

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Learn how to eliminate acid reflux, bloat, gas, constipation, indigestion, food cravings, obesity, tiredness, lack of energy, cellulite, parasites, yeast infection, mood swings, high blood pressure, unbalanced pH, inflammation, bad breath, Alzheimer’s, on and on.

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Healthweigh Nutrients

Over 50 years of success

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Not a quick fix! Our proven natural formulas help feed the digestive organs, which in turn help correct the body of various symptoms. Problems which may accompany overweight and obesity can be replaced by true vatality which comes from a healthy weight.

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Mommy's Pau D'Arco

Tea Products

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Rebuild/clean the immune system, blood stream. Eliminate candida (yeast infection) whether in the form of dandruff, athlete’s foot, jock itch, vaginal distress, gum tissue problems, white tongue, or lack of energy and food cravings.

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Image of Coco the dog with arthritis.
Coco: arthritic,in a stupor, dying.

Image of Coco the dog after 2 months.
Coco: 2 months later.

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