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Proper Food Combining

After spending decades gaining this knowledge I want to share it with you.
For over 50 years, Proper Food Combining has worked for me and millions of others, and it can work for you.

This 128 page soft-bound book introduces you to the way the body digests food and converts what we eat into energy, according to the body's design. Through Proper Food Combining, you can learn to eat to live rather than live to eat.
Price $12.00 Updating: Temporarily Out of Stock

This spiral-bound cookbook features more than 140 delicious recipes and easy prepare recipes, along with practical information about food and Proper Food Combining.

Price $20.00

Identifies different categories of food, and organizes which categories combine properly. Provides required hours of digestion. Keep medium on refrigerator for quick reference. Carry wallet size in purse or pocket. Laminated.
Medium Chart (9x12) ..... $5.00
Wallet-Sized Chart ......... $3.00

Discusses final stages of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Learn to restore the functions of your vital organs. Technical information made easy! Shows disease can start anywhere in the whole digestive tract. Shows main origin of yeast infection. Describes both digestive and Immune Systems. 120 pages soft-bound.
Price $12.00

Lee DuBelle's AIDS, Yeast, and Immune Disease Audio
SEE internally how the body is designed to digest food. Wonderful for all ages. Watch at home – in the office waiting room – group meetings – school classes. Laminated charts included, in beautiful case.

Price $40.00
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Lee DuBelle's Colon Therapy Video

Learn while you drive, walk, clean house, before sleep at night!

Price $25.00

Proper Food Combinign As Seen on TV.

Price $9.00


Additional Videos and Audios from Lee’s Classic Collection – each in its own beautiful case. 

Lee DuBelle's Exercise Video
Gentle program using slant board and mini-trampoline exercises. Designed to tone muscles, (including lifting prolapsed organs), improve bowel movements, immune system, and circulation from toes to top of head. Great for stretching the whole spine. Increase blood flow to the brain.

Price $30.00
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Lee DuBelle's Colon Therapy Video
Easy self massage technique. Apply when driving, reclining, walking, sitting. Relieves constipation, abdominal discomfort, gas, diverticulitus. Activates peristaltic action in colon.

Price $30.00
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Lee DuBelle's Proper Food Combining Health/Lose Weight Audio
Hours and hours of answers to your health and weight control problems. Laminated charts help you listen and correspond the information to visible applications. Beautiful carrying case.

Price $40.00


Lee DuBelle's PMS Syndrome/Cellulite Connection Audio
Every woman and man needs this one! Incredible in depth study of the female hormone system. Laminated charts correspond to audio for visual clarification. For lifelong benefits order it now! In beautiful case.

Price $40.00


Lee DuBelle's AIDS, Yeast, and Immune Disease Audio
Explains immune system and its function in the body. Laminated charts identify location of lymph nodes, the whole lymph system, and why removal of any part of the lymph system is damaging. A deep subject made easy to understand. Blood transfusions are discussed. In beautiful case.

Price $40.00


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